Individual Entrepreneur

Whether you are a small or Specialist Company, or an individual inventor, intellectual property rights can present a major challenge. It is a highly complex area of law and it requires the vigilance, knowledge and expertise of specialist legal advisers if your interests are to be properly managed and protected.

At Litmus Legal, we have qualified and highly experienced attorneys who will advise you on every aspect of intellectual property, from patents and designs, to trade marks and domain names.

While it is true that we have many large corporate clients, we also work for a large number of small businesses and private individuals, helping and guiding them through the process.

Our services are highly personalized and can be tailored to your particular requirements. Our fees are realistically structured, reflecting the size and nature of this sector of the market, but with senior attorneys staying involved at all times.

We start by explaining what the process entails, setting out the options that will best suit your long-term interests and advising you of the likely cost implications. Once the process has started we keep you fully advised of developments, so you stay in control and are only committed to actions and costs that you have authorized in advance.

Once your intellectual property has been fully filed, registered and protected, we can then manage your portfolio for you, ensuring that it continues to remain relevant to your business or personal aims and requirements.