We assist businesses in all aspects of Patent protection. We give provisional advice on the patentability of an invention. Our attorneys draft specifications, file national patent applications, national phase in PCT applications, attend to the objections of examination conducted by the Patent office by proper responses, attend hearings, obtain registration, renewal and maintenance of the patent rights during the term. As patents are valid for 20 years from the date of application, renewal fee is to paid for each year. We send reminders to the applicant prior to the due date of the renewal.

We engage in filing of PCT applications for Indian applicants before the WIPO and file National Phase applications for applicants outside India before the Patent office. We advice and file both pre-grant and post-grant oppositions, conduct prosecution, attend hearings till the stage of final orders.

As businesses expand in the global environment, we work closely with associates around the world to ensure that patent applications are filed timely in different jurisdictions thus saving time and costs for the applicants.

We engage in all aspects of the enforcement of Patent rights. We initiate civil actions against infringers which includes filing of civil suits, appointment of court officer for seizure of infringing goods, trial until the stage of judgements.

Our attorneys have vast experience in appearing before the Controller of Patent, Intellectual Property Appellate Board and Courts for protection of the rights of the patent holder.